The next generation of affordable 3D printing

Discover the Copymaster 3D range. The next generation of performance-based, accurate 3D printing.

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A printer that performs.

From concept to final product, the Copymaster 3D was designed by a team of people who are passionate about 3D printers and actually use them on a daily basis. Discover why the Copymaster 3D is transforming the world of 3D printing as we know it.

  • Reliable

    With industrial grade components and reliable mechanics, the Copymaster is equipped for 24/7 complex printing.

  • Customisable

    Its Aluminium V slot frame is light, strong and easily adaptable for your needs.

  • Flexible

    The Copymaster direct drive integrated extruder head prints a variety of diverse filament 3D materials as standard.

  • Durable

    Looking for more? Our traditional nozzles are made from high lubricity nickel and tungsten carbide, allowing you to easily print with the most abrasive filaments.

Industry approved.

Copymaster 3D is quickly becoming recognised as a quality brand of 3D printer. Great performance at affordable prices. No compromise.

"At an attractive price, we believe this 3D printer offers good value for money, and has the potential to become an efficient tool for a variety of workshops."

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The sky's the limit.

Bigger? Better. Our Copymaster 3D is now available in three unique sizes so that your printing projects are only limited by your imagination. You would typically expect large build volumes like these to be from a much more expensive printer. Having a bigger space to play with means bigger possibilities for what you can print.

Technology Outlet: Taking you further

Looking for filaments, resins, spare parts and more? Our sister store Technology Outlet supply a range of 3D printing materials for all your printing needs.

Why it works.

Unbeatable accuracy.

The accuracy of our printer speaks for itself. Each filament stroke has been refined down to 50 microns - thinner than a single human hair.

Quality filament sensors.

Worried about long overnight printing projects? The Copymaster 3D is equipped with a filament run-out sensor and a 'resume print' option, so you can print worry-free.

Perfectly smooth prints.

Tired of scratches and scrapes? Copymaster's magnetic removable print bed allows you to easily remove your prints without scraping, with optional glass bed upgrades also available.