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3DLAC Anti Warping Spray 400ml

3DLAC Anti Warping Spray 400ml

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Prints not sticking, lifting or warping? Then this is what you need!

We use it in-house and it is absolutely amazing... does what it says on the tin.

Easy and Simple Fixation:
  • 3DLAC is a spray especially created for 3D printers with a heated bed.
  • Nonstick, only fix.
  • Holds the first plastic layer so it does not move at the beginning of the print.
  • Avoids unwanted flaws and warping.
  • A simple light spray on a smooth surface is enough to ensure that the first layer of plastic remains completely fixed to the base.
  • Upon cooling, the printed piece is removed smooth and undamaged.
  • Perfect substitute for the Kapton tape. Thereby saving cost is achieved and easy management of 3D printers is provided.

3DLAC has been developed in Spain by LEON3D with the expert advice from Belloch Laboratories. His fixation formula is perfect to hold first and withdraw the piece once finished.

 3DLAC was born after looking for a solution inside the CLONE WARS REPRAP SPAIN community. At that moment, the Kapton tape was the only product to fix the first layer to the 3D printers’ surface but its application was complex and required in some cases, especially for larger surfaces, an extreme amount of patience to apply!

So 3DLAC was created and its function is to hold the first plastic coat to the 3D printer platform in order to hold the start of the printing steady, avoiding undesirable mistakes.

3DLAC is the perfect substitute for Kapton tape and other types of fixers due to cost-saving and its easy application.

A light 3DLAC mist over the surface is enough to completely hold the first layer of plastic to the base.

Thanks to the properties of 3DLAC, while the base is hot the extruded plastic is firmly stuck.
Once the printed piece gets cold, it can be taken off smoothly and without any damage to your 3D printed project.