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Copymaster3D Flexible UV 3D Printer Resin - 500ML Clear

Copymaster3D Flexible UV 3D Printer Resin - 500ML Clear

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Flexible UV Resin from Copymaster3D enables you to print high quality models that are required to bend/flex. This resin can also be mixed with other reins such as our Standard and Tough resins to reduce brittleness. This resin is compatible with all popular 3D Printer brands using a light wavelength between 395nm and 405nm.


The main properties and advantages of using Copymaster3D Flexible UV resin

  • Perfect for reproducing fine details and surface finishes
  • Highly flexible with a shore hardness between 65-75D with elongation at break being 130%
  • Low material shrinkage
  • The best price vs performance
  • Fast curing time 4-12 Seconds per layer (Monochrome Screens)


Get Flexible!

Unlike most other 3D printing resins, Copymaster3D’s Flexible UV Resin has a higher part strength and impact resistance than other materials due to its flexible properties. This makes it ideal for printing models that need to be able to deform under stress without breaking. You can also blend this with other resins to reduce brittleness. Flexible resin requires cleaning with IPA or a cleaner specifically designed for resin 3D Printing, such as the one from PrimaCreator.


Stunning Colour and Finish

All of Copymaster3D’s UV resins have consistent pigmentation throughout, meaning you get stunning looking parts that have a silky-matte finish with a monochrome look to it which will be smooth to the touch and pleasing to look at. Not printing in colour? Transparent resin will have a slight hue to it, want something totally clear? Opt for our Crystal UV Resin!


Versatile, High-Quality Resins

Copymaster3D’s UV Resin range is suitable for most Resin 3D Printers that use the 395-405nm wavelength as their light source. Printers within this range include:

Zortrax, Anycubic, Creality 3D, Phrozen, Uniz, Photocentric and many more.

The resins are also suitable for use on RGB and Monochrome LCD screens so whether you have the Original Photon or the latest Mono X 6K for example, it will work on both meaning its applications are incredibly versatile.



The Copymaster3D Resins are a high-quality resin made from the best materials. This is also evident in the curing process. Your finished 3D prints will cure perfectly in sunlight or in a UV curing chamber. When curing is complete, the result is a rock-hard 3D print with very little material shrinkage. Post printing Curing settings below, to be used as a guideline only:

  • In a UV light curing chamber it takes about 2-5 minutes
  • In sunlight 10-20 minutes
  • In daylight on a cloudy day it can take up to 60 minutes